Outlaws’ Academy is divided into 3 tiers; Futures, Intermediate and Advanced.


Our entry level squad where players learn to build on identified abilities, developing basic movement and hitting skills that are sustained under largely predictable environments and to instil an understanding of the characteristics of a performance badminton player.


To expand the range of movement and hitting skills established in the Futures Squad and engrain learning in challenging activities so players can sustain these skills in less predictable situations. Improve tactical awareness with game-like situations and to further the understanding of their trainability, lifestyle and strategy / tactics.


To refine movement and hitting skills and enhance tactical awareness by building strategies in matches and note if the skills learned are being successfully introduced during competition. The players should be given more responsibility for their own development with the support of coaches and their sessions be more individualised.


Only players born, living, or schooling in Nottinghamshire are eligible for Junior County training and representation. To qualify for the County Squad you have to be in the top 6 boys or the top 6 girls in the county at each age group. These players are then selected to form the County Teams and compete against other counties in the Shires League.

To contend for a place in the squad you need to compete in the Nottinghamshire Junior County Championships at the end of September and reach the quarter final stages or further. You will then require an invite Junior County training which takes place on Tuesday evenings at Joseph Whitaker School, Rainworth.

We run teams for the following age groups and will take effect from the 1st January 2021

U20 - for children born before 31 December 2002

U18 - for children born before 31 December 2004

U16 - for children born before 31 December 2006

U14 - for children born before 31 December 2008

U12 - for children born before 31 December 2010