Covid19 Player Safety Procedure

Please make your child aware of these safety instructions and check they fully understand the importance of following them during all badminton sessions.

Players only attend if they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19.

· Allocated time slots with reduced session numbers Maximum 5 plus coach or 6 playing per group

· Social distancing is really important for both players and ensure anyone not playing on court, following government guidelines preferably at least 2 meters from each other

· Players must stay in their own designated group and not cross to other courts

· Players should wait for any stray shuttles to be passed to them and use their rackets only to do this

· Players must, on entry and exit from the facility, use the hand sanitizer gel to clean their hands when using the Hand Sanitizer station provided at the entry/exit point.

· Whilst toilets are available at all venues player should ideally go before they enter the hall/venue and is possible wait until they return home.

· No bodily contact, including handshakes and high fives

· No social gatherings once training (or games) has finished

· Players must bring their own equipment they need for the session

· Players cannot share equipment

· Players must only use their own racket(s).

· Sharing of shuttles - players reminded to have thoroughly washed their hands (in accordance with Government guidance) or use hand sanitiser immediately before and after play which will be available at the venue or from the coach: Players to only use shuttles from their designated playing group of 6.

· Players asked to bring clearly marked bottle which they do not share and should have enough water for the 2 hour session as not all centres allow water dispensers and certainly no one should fill from a tap in a toilet or changing room.

· Player equipment bags to be stored behind players playing court and away from the back of the court and any other players

· Players must take all their belongings with them at the end of the session

· Players not to use/touch equipment such as nets, posts or floor mops. If they do, hand sanitiser will be available

· No parents should enter the hall during a session, Ideally one parent/carer to bring/collect their child/children following social distancing guidelines from other adults and children unless from the same household group.

· Entry and exit will be via a designated entrance this should be signposted at the venue.

· Players are asked to arrive at the venue for the allotted start time of the session

· On entry to the venue, participants/coaches enter and go straight to their assigned court and seating area

· End of session, everyone must leave the site in order of nearest court first. They should leave immediately once returned to their cars.